About Us

Ashlee’s Embroidery & Screenprinting provides a wide variety of custom embroidery and screenprinting services. We utilize state-of-the-art automatic t-shirt presses & embroidery systems for superb quality and consistency. Made to your exact specifications, our precision work includes popular services.





A note from Ashlee

In early 1998 I wanted to find something to occupy some of my spare time. I was expecting my first child and had always dreamed of being a "stay at home mom." I decided to purchase a sewing machine that had "embroidery options". The initial products I produced were a huge hit with family & friends and very soon word spread. I found myself creating a variety of gift ideas such as towels, bags, baby bibs, etc.. Before I knew it that "me & that old sewing machine" wasn't fast enough to keep up with the demand.

In late 1998, when my son was just 8 months old, I upgraded to my first industrial embroidery machine. It was placed in a new 14 x 14 foot workroom off of my garage at home and my hobby was quickly transforming into a career.

Based on the VALUE offered (concerning the affordable pricing, outstanding customer service & superior quality of product) business continued to grow incredibly fast!

I purchased another industrial embroidery machine and opened a retail location for Ashlee's Embroidery in 1999 in Salisbury, North Carolina. After a short period, once again, I ran out of space. So, upon purchasing a larger machine that runs multiple items at a time, I moved my business into a larger location and added employees in order to continue to deliver products in a timely fashion.